12 Ways to Break Out of a Slump

Life is a series of ups and downs but sometimes we get caught in a cycle of the “downs” or a slump. You’re fatigued, irritated, unmotivated and/or unhappy. You’re not yourself and you may not completely know why you’re in this state but you know you need to get out of it. It happens to … Read more

The Practice That Will Improve Your Mindset and Your Life

grateful sunset

Every day we face tons of responsibilities, worries and roadblocks. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that seems to be going wrong. There are days, weeks, months or even years that feel like our whole world is crashing down. You find yourself screaming, “WHY ME!!”  And it’s not only our own personal issues going … Read more

Simple Workout to Get That Toned Tummy

toned abs

Who doesn’t want a nice toned stomach?! I know I do! Abs are by far my favorite muscle group to work on. Something about that after burn of doing ab exercises gets me going. With bathing suit season right around the corner, I wanted to share some of my favorite ab exercises. These work for … Read more

Alternative Ways to Exercise Without Going to the Gym

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Let face it, we’re not all gym people. And even if you are there are times when the gym is just the last place you feel like going too. The problem is we still need to exercise for our health and, if we’re being honest, to look good! I for one am a person that … Read more

Relieve Your Anxiety and Stress with Mindfulness

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I’m sure you’ve heard people preaching about mindfulness but what does it actually mean? And how do you go about being “mindful”? When I was first introduced to the concept I have to admit I didn’t quite understand the practice right away.  Mindfulness is essentially being fully present and in the moment. It’s being aware … Read more

Simple Full-Body Exercise That You Can Do from the Comfort of Your Home

gym equipment

I admire the people who are dedicated to going to the gym everyday, every single week. Honestly, I wish I was one of those people. However, if you’re like me sometimes you just don’t have the time and/or desire to make that gym trip. There are a few exercises I do in times like these … Read more

5 Steps to Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

Anyone can become a victim of analysis paralysis and it affects many people on a daily basis. Analysis paralysis is the state of over-analyzing a situation or decision so much so that you never actually make a choice – thus stuck in a paralyzed state of uncertainty. I am the queen of this. It’s frustrating and … Read more