When You’re Lost in Life and Don’t Know What to Do

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I know I am not alone when I say there are times when I feel completely lost in life. We all go through periods where we ask ourselves, “What next?” You don’t know what to do, where to go or how to figure it out. It’s scary and confusing, and it can result in large amounts … Read more

When Life Really Sucks

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I try to always write positive articles to help us all (myself included) get through tough times. But sometimes I’m just in a mood where the positivity makes me want to roll my eyes. Life really sucks sometimes! And when I get to the point where my methods of getting out of a slump, fixing … Read more

When It’s Time to Heal and Let Go of the Past

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Most of us have had situations in our lives where we were hurt by someone we trusted – may it be a break-up, a tough childhood or a friend stabbing you in the back. You look back at these moments and instantly feel anger, sadness and/or pain. How can someone be so malicious? How could … Read more

12 Ways to Break Out of a Slump

Life is a series of ups and downs but sometimes we get caught in a cycle of the “downs” or a slump. You’re fatigued, irritated, unmotivated and/or unhappy. You’re not yourself and you may not completely know why you’re in this state but you know you need to get out of it. It happens to … Read more