4 Exercises That Will Tone Your Legs

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It’s leg day! Well, for me most days are leg days. I usually don’t go to the gym without doing at least one leg exercise. Legs are so important! They support your whole body weight and carry you around all day long. They contain some of the largest muscles in the human body. Don’t neglect … Read more

Small Diet Changes That Will Lead To a Big Difference

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There are a million different “crash” diets out there to try and I have had my fair share of experiences with a variety of them. A lot of them do work and you’ll see results IF you stick to it – emphasis on the IF. Unfortunately, most of them are nearly impossible to continue long … Read more

Alcoholic Drinks That Won’t Ruin Your Summer Body Goals

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Warm weather, beach trips and pool parties are right around the corner and if you’re like me you’ve been trying to get your body ready for the occasion. I started cutting out junk food and working out a little more hoping to see some results. The problem was I was drinking sugary mixed drinks and … Read more