Understanding Our Emotions

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We live in a society where being emotionless is seen as the way to be. It’s hard not to believe that’s true when there is so much pain and hurt in the world. We start to think that avoiding our emotions all together will protect us. It’s a defense mechanism. Unfortunately, that only causes more pain … Read more

The Journey to Self-Love Part 2: Self-Care

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Authentic self-love is generated with the abundance of self-awareness and self-care. If you haven’t read The Journey to Self-Love Part 1: Self-Awareness here it is! The previous post of the The Journey to Self-Love series was dedicated to understanding yourself and discovering who you really are. This piece is focused on taking care of that beautiful soul … Read more

The Journey to Self-Love Part 1: Self-Awareness

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People will always treat you the way you treat yourself. Your relationships are like mirrors, they will show you how you truly feel about yourself. And I’m not talking about just romantic relationships, I mean our relationships with every single person in our lives – from our families to our employers. It’s easy to live … Read more

When It’s Time to Heal and Let Go of the Past

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Most of us have had situations in our lives where we were hurt by someone we trusted – may it be a break-up, a tough childhood or a friend stabbing you in the back. You look back at these moments and instantly feel anger, sadness and/or pain. How can someone be so malicious? How could … Read more