6 Methods for Developing Patience


It’s true what they say, patience is a virtue. It’s an essential component to success, happiness and inner peace. The problem is, we can get things almost instantly nowadays and this breeds impatience. A lack of patience usually results in anger, irritation, and/or frustration – all feelings that cause the mind and body to suffer. … Read more6 Methods for Developing Patience

When You’re Lost in Life and Don’t Know What to Do

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I know I am not alone when I say there are times when I feel completely lost in life. We all go through periods where we ask ourselves, “What next?” You don’t know what to do, where to go or how to figure it out. It’s scary and confusing, and it can result in large amounts … Read moreWhen You’re Lost in Life and Don’t Know What to Do

Understanding Our Emotions

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We live in a society where being emotionless is seen as the way to be. It’s hard not to believe that’s true when there is so much pain and hurt in the world. We start to think that avoiding our emotions all together will protect us. It’s a defense mechanism. Unfortunately, that only causes more pain … Read moreUnderstanding Our Emotions

The Journey to Self-Love Part 1: Self-Awareness

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People will always treat you the way you treat yourself. Your relationships are like mirrors, they will show you how you truly feel about yourself. And I’m not talking about just romantic relationships, I mean our relationships with every single person in our lives – from our families to our employers. It’s easy to live … Read moreThe Journey to Self-Love Part 1: Self-Awareness