Intro to Astrology

Astrology has for many years been looked at in popular culture as “woo-woo” stuff that contains little to no truth. Unfortunately, the ancient art of astrology was lost in our transition into an industrial and technological age. We forgot our true nature as divine spiritual beings. The truth is astrology is one of our most useful tools we have as humans on this earth. We are able to use the planetary alignments to understand the energies we possess, the life path we have designed for ourselves, and the current environment we are living in.

Ancient philosophers used astrology as a proper science, making forecasts and finding causation for many of the universes’ laws. If you think about it, the moon has such a magnetic pull and force that it creates waves in our oceans. If this is the case, then why would the moon, and other large planets, not have an energetic pull upon us?

When I first felt the calling to begin my research of all that is spiritual, my divine intuition led me to astrology first. The more I investigated and observed, the more it absolutely blew my mind with its accuracy. How could we have been so ignorant to ignore such a prominent and useful science! The problem with pop culture’s version of astrology is it only looks at your sun sign. Although this can give you a good look into what basic energy you possess, to think that we can only be described by one planet and one sign is blasphemous. We are complex beings with so many layers and levels to us. Thus upon discovering natal birth charts, I found the truths of the zodiac that resonated with my entire soul.

In the simplest explanation, your birth chart shows where each planet was located when you were born. Each planet represents a different aspect of yourself or your life. For example, the typical “zodiac sign” mass media refers to is your Sun sign, or in other words what constellation (zodiac) the Sun was in when you were born. Each of the other planets was in a sign as well and these planets go on to describe the other aspect of your personality and your life path here on earth.

My chart has allowed me to truly understand what makes me tick, from my strengths to my weaknesses. I have uncovered the secret aspects of myself that I didn’t even fully recognize. It all made so much sense! Astrology has allowed me to be more patient with myself and others, and understand that we all posses such varying and dynamic energies within us. Not one soul is the same. I learned why I do certain things and how to accommodate as such in order to have success in life. We are all so unique and astrology allows you to truly appreciate and love all that makes you different. I have discovered my destiny through this science and I know a part of purpose here on earth is to share this with others, and honestly I am so happy to do so!

For a free birth chart click here! This chart will give you the sign that each planet was in upon you entering this world.

For a personal in-depth description of the chart, click here! I love to be able to share my intuitive knowledge, as well as thoroughly my researched knowledge, on this subject. It can drastically create a shift in your life, allowing you to know yourself and utilize this information for your success and happiness.