The Planets

Each of the planets rules a certain aspect of our energy, personality and life path. The particular sign each planet is in within your chart shows the ways in which this aspect of your life is expressed. Every planet has been given a corresponding phrase that embodies the way the planet is expressed within us. Each planet also has a ruling sign, which can further explain the general characteristic of the planet.


Phrase: “I am”

Sign Ruler: Leo

Rules: Basic Personality, Outer Self, The Ego

Positive Expression: courage, loyalty, nobleness, generosity

Negative Expression: pride, irascibility, self-centered

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Phrase: “I feel”

Sign Ruler: Cancer

Rules: Mood, Emotions, Inner Self, Subconscious

Positive Expression: dreams, subjective, moods, nostalgia

Negative Expression: laziness, nonchalance, whims, moody

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Phrase: “I think”

Sign Ruler: Virgo, Gemini

Rules: The Mind, Communication, Thought Process

Positive Expression: witty, conversationalist, intellect, practical

Negative Expression: nervous, dishonest, dissipate, insensitive

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Phrase: “I love”

Sign Ruler: Taurus, Libra

Rules: Love, Attraction, Pleasure, Money

Positive Expression: beautiful, pleasant, seducing, artistic

Negative Expression: vain, greedy, lazy, materialistic, over sensual

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Phrase: “I act”

Sign Ruler: Aries

Rules Over: Drive, Energy, Desire, Sexual Energy, Forcefulness

Positive Expression: leading, bold, assertive, virility, courageous, enterprising

Negative Expression: combative, demanding, violent, despotic, irascible

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Phrase: “I grow”

Sign Ruler: Sagittarius

Rules Over: Luck, Growth, Wisdom, Confidence, Abundance/Success

Positive Expression: beneficial, generous, outgoing, enthusiastic, charisma

Negative Expression: exaggerated, pretentious, broken promises

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Phrase: “I achieve”

Sign Ruler: Capricorn

Rules Over: Discipline, Fears, Challenges, Responsibility, Restrictions/Limitations, Lessons

Positive Expression: patient, pursuit of growth, solitary, quiet, discreet, observant, ambitious

Negative Expression: domineering, lazy, insensitive, cold/emotionless, insecure, selfish, cruel

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Phrase: “I evolve”

Sign Ruler: Aquarius

Rules Over: Changes, Originality/Individuality, Passion, Revolutions, Disruptions

Positive Expression: passionate, dynamic, eccentric, inventive, independent, idealistic, extravagant

Negative Expression: brutal, curt, terse, intolerant, insensitive, paradoxical, fickle

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Phrase: “I dream”

Sign Ruler: Pisces

Rules Over: Dreams, Healing, Compassion, Imagination, Spirituality, Intuition, Other Realm

Positive Expression: patient, gentle, dreamy, mystical, selfless, psychological, spiritual/religious

Negative Expression: overly sensitive, malleable, impressionable, gullible, loss sense of realities

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Phrase: “I empower”

Sign Ruler: Scorpio

Rules Over: Power, Transformation, Self-questioning, Instincts, Anxieties, Sexuality

Positive Expression: enigmatic, deep, magnetic, energetic, ability to self-question

Negative Expression: worrying, violent, sadistic, perverse

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