Crystals are one of my favorite metaphysical tools. Many ancient societies used crystals for healing, enlightenment and power. Each crystal posses a different vibrational frequency that correspond with different personal and environmental energies. These natural rocks are millions of years old and formed in the early years of earth’s existence, thus containing infinite amounts of data. Crystals not only emit energy, but they pick it up as well. They contain various elements of the collective consciousness within their makeup and in turn release that knowledge accordingly. This ability to acquire and transmit data is the reason crystals are used in computers, phones, TV and other technology.

Crystals are used in various healing techniques and meditations to align chakras, clear energies and rise consciousness. I keep different crystals on me daily depending on the energy I may need for the day and/or issues I am currently dealing with. I also keep crystals around the house to balance the energies of my home and keep it feeling zen. The power of nature is immense and crystals give us a convenient way to utilize that power in a concentrated way.

Below are some of my favorites crystals!


Color: purple

Spiritual Uses: protects against and removes negative energy, aids in expanding consciousness, increases focus, provides clarity in thoughts, increases psychic abilities, helps treat addictions, enhances artistic abilities, soothes energy field, aids in dream healing and astral travel

Physical Uses: headaches, vision problems, nightmares, insomnia

Chakra: third eye, crown


Clear Quartz 

Color: clear

Spiritual Uses: removes negative energy, aids in connecting to your higher self/spirit guides, amplifies other crystals, improves personal power, cleanses and restores energy, helps in expanding consciousness, improves concentration, assists with memory recall

Physical Uses: headaches, organ issues

Chakra: crown


Rose Quartz 

Color: pink

Spiritual Uses: assists with healing after heartache/crisis, increases joy and pleasure, increases unconditional love in life, improves self-love, assists with emotional balance, helps to release anger/jealousy/stress, increases peace, improves relationships, enhances sensuality

Physical Uses: heart issues, blood pressure, respiratory issues

Chakra: heart, sacral



Colo: orange

Spiritual Uses: heightens creativity and idea generation, enhances sexuality, aids in energy cleansing, restores energy, improves motivation, increases self-compassion, increase endurance and ambition, generates eloquence, balances physical energies, attracts prosperity

Physical Uses: reproductive system, menstrual symptoms, impotence, regulate appetite, fertility

Chakra: sacral


Lapis Lazuli 

Color: blue with gold flecks

Spiritual Uses: aids in self-expression, help in finding your truths, improves intuition, assists spiritual development, aids in mediating, establishes grace and honor, helps with communication, promotes wisdom and good judgement, aids in learning, attracts success, improves intelligence

Physical Uses: throat issues, respiratory/sinus issues

Chakra: throat, third eye



Color: yellow (transparent)

Spiritual Uses: improves willpower and personal energy, helps with decision making, enhances self-trust, improves creativity, helps acquire/maintain wealth, aids in establishing healthy boundaries, provides positive energy, helps to manifest desires, assists with new beginnings

Physical Uses: stomach/digestive issues, lower/mid back problems,

Chakra: solar plexus, crown


Red Jasper

Color: Red

Spiritual Uses: provides grounding energy and protection, aids in manifesting, aids in healing childhood wounds, improves endurance and determination, stabilizes energies,aids in establishing new patterns/routines, prevents accidents, balances sex drive, helps maintain wealth

Physical Uses: hips, legs, knees, feet, bowel issues, lower back

Chakra: root



Color: white (sheen)

Spiritual Uses: helps with astral travel and dream healing, aids with self discovery, provides psychic protection, improves spiritual growth, provides good energy for traveling, helps with acceptance of love, aids in keeping/discovering secrets, improves sensuality and self-expression

Physical Uses: insomnia, nightmares, weight management

Chakra: no specific chakra



Color: gold

Spiritual Uses: attracts material and spiritual wealth, aids in grounding new ideas, improves work ethic and focus, provides grounding energy, improves will power, protects against negative energies, prevents harm or danger, overcomes mental/physical fatigue, improves assertiveness

Physical Uses: physical energy

Chakra: solar plexus, root


Tiger’s Eye 

Color: brown, tan

Spiritual Uses: protects against negative energy, provides grounding, increases alertness, improves courage, increases emotional stability, enhances mental sharpness/clarity, aids in accepting change, attracts luck and good fortune, helps to overcome fear and addictions

Physical Uses: vision/eye issues, migraines, regulate appetite

Chakra: solar plexus, sacral


Blue Lace Agate 

Color: light blue

Spiritual Uses: provides tranquility, releases stress/anxiety/tension, improves communication, improves inner stability, aids in tough times, enhances clarity of thought, stabilizes emotions/energies,increases loyalty and trustworthiness, aids in expressing emotions

Physical Uses: throat issues, upper back/neck/shoulder issues

Chakra: throat


Green Aventurine 

Color: Green

Spiritual Uses: attracts good luck and prosperity, improves balance, aids in releasing old patterns, attracts new growth and opportunities, helps in overcoming hard times, enhances motivation, improves humor, provides loving energy, aids in acceptance of self and others

Physical Uses: skin problems

Chakra: heart



Color: green with red spots

Spiritual Uses: aids in healing matters of the heart, provides grounding, relieves anxiety/stress/depression, aids in connecting higher chakras to the lower, improves courage and passion, provides nurturing energy, aids in protection against abuse, improves decision making,

Physical Uses: back issues, respiratory issues, blood pressure

Chakra: heart, root