A Journey To Divine Oneness

Only once I came completely unwound was I able to truly be liberated
I saw sides of myself I never fully witnessed before
I swam in waters so powerful I drowned in them
I burned with a fire so engulfing I lost myself in it
I tore everything apart
All the walls came down and all the gates opened
A path of fire and a flood of water
The divine feminine, so injured that her ocean overflowed more than she could control
The divine masculine, so angry to be suppressed that his flames raged bigger than ever before
Pure destruction
But regeneration follows death
Pure creation
From the muddy ashes a divine union emerged
Like a phoenix ready to take flight
The divine feminine and the divine masculine as one
Love and compassion with discernment and confidence
A divine union within and without
Balance and duality
Fire and water coexisting
As the flames keep the waves from growing too wild
The waves keep the flames from burning too monstrous
Each stepping back when the other needs full power
Each stepping forward when the other needs rest
Both seeking unlimited depth without destruction
Ascension, expansion, contraction
A journey to divine oneness


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