Death by Fire

The flames engulf me
I try to scream but alas I cannot move
As the flesh of my heart burns to ashes
I feel a pain so horrid I beg for death
Take me away
I do not wish to feel
But the flames burn on
They are trying to tell me something
I listen past the chaos
“You are the me”
The flames exclaim
“And I am you
This is your very essence”
So I’m burning myself?
How can I make it stop?
“You must make it stop
Channel the heat inside of you
Control the power
Allow it to burn you to the ground”
And so I burn
I release my grip on reality
I accept death as it comes
I am ready to let go
I am ready to be one with you
The flames lick my skin for what feels like an eternity
I lived many lifetimes in those flames
And the moment I made peace with this reality
The moment I learned to love the slow burn
The moment I decided I’d stay here in death forever
Was the moment the smoke cleared
I emerge from ashes anew
Exhausted from the fight but floating from the ecstasy
I can see again
I can hear again
I can feel again
I felt the deepest pain I’ll ever feel
I felt death and made peace with it


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