A Love Letter to the Ego

Oh ego, how I adore you
You fight so hard to keep it all intact
You’ve heard the howling of the soul and the terrors of the heart
You yearn to protect
Others may think your selfish
Only attempting to be preserved
But I know the truth
You’re the overbearing parent of the soul
Dear ego I want you to know that I love you
I adore your strength
I appreciate your valor
For many years you’ve served this heart
So much has been demanded of you
Rest sweet ego
Your burden is being lifted
You must let this little bird fly from the nest
It’s time to enjoy the view
These triggers no longer suit you
Talk to the heart
Speak with the soul
They will no longer allow the boundaries to be crossed
Gently remind them of the fights you’ve endured
The lessons you’ve learned
They will listen to your warnings
No need to scream and cry
They will hear your voice of reason
No need to worry and rage
Death is nothing to be afraid of
For right around the corner there’s always a new beginning


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