The Fuel to my Fire

You fuel my security
A touch gives me liberation
Your words give me vindication
I feel free when were together
So subtle in action that no one knows
Yet my world around you seems to grow
It’s like no one could understand
Spoken from the heart
I assumed from the start
But pain is all that came
Now a look back at your mistakes
Recognized that your intentions were fake
My judgement was clouded by love
How did I land in the devils arms
Somehow I managed to fall so far
Trapped in lust, trapped in a first
Never have I felt such fate
Never have I felt such hate
Wrestling confusion and feeling alone
Where’s is the end?
And then it starts again
I don’t understand what draws me to you
Tell me you love me
But words can’t console me
Truth was never your strength
I see it now, it all makes sense
Yet my heart still wants to cross that fence
A masochist loves to torture the soul
Take it all and bring me down
Your favorite game when I’m around
Mirrors those feelings about myself
I repress my doubts and stubborn hatred
Only for them to be confirmed by your nature
You fuel my insecurity


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