I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to share my gifts with you all. I have dedicated so much time and energy developing my connection to the Divine and I am truly honored to be of service in this way. Helping others heal, learn and reach their desired level of enlightenment is my passion in life. I currently offer Spiritual Advising Sessions, In-Depth Natal Charts, Compatibility Reports, Channeled Poetry, Tarot Readings, and Dream Interpretations.

For services, just click the “Buy Now” button below the service you would like. I will then reach out to you to get the necessary information I need to complete your request. If you would prefer to email me first, prior to purchase, you can do so here! I will get back to you ASAP. Please know that I will try to complete your request within 48 hours, depending on the amount of requests I have. I appreciate all the love and light you all share with me and I am so humbled to be able to share mine with you 🙂

Spiritual Advising Sessions

I am here to be your personal spiritual evolution guru! In these session we connect energies intimately and work through any blockages effecting your spiritual advancement. We are in a state of constantly upgrading our energy and consciousness naturally, but with me as your guide you can enjoy the process with peace of mind. We work together to enhance not only your energy body but also your mind. This involves meditation, chakra balancing, Q&A, and different methods of self-discovery. This is an extremely therapeutic service aimed at improving your overall well-being and understanding yourself on a deep level.

1 Hour Session

30 Minute Session

In-Depth Natal Chart Report

Natal charts are one of the best ways to get to know yourself and understand the energies you possess. I provide a detailed report on your astrology birth chart, including descriptions for each of your planetary signs, houses, and major aspects. These reports give you an intense look at the how you think, act, love, feel, desire, learn and grow. It is extremely useful in understanding what you need in life to be truly happy and successful.

Compatibility Report

This service provides you with a detailed report of how two people’s natal charts integrate. The report will highlight areas in which these two are compatible and which areas they may need to put extra work in to achieve balance. This can be used for all types of relationships from lovers to friends to family to coworkers. This report can assist you in understanding your differences and similarities in order to better harmonize your relationships.

Channeled Divine Poetry

Poetry is one of my most useful tools for channeling. I am able to tap into spirit and channel divine intelligence for you in the form of a eloquent poem. Click here for examples of my work. I can channel for a specific topic, person, situation and/or emotion. Or if you would prefer to leave it open ended I will channel whatever message spirit most would like you to know. These pieces can provide powerful messages from your higher self and spirit guides. They also make for amazing gifts!

6 Card Tarot Reading

For this service I use my ability to tap into your energy field. I channel spirit in a way that allows me to receive direct messages from your higher self through the tarot cards. These messages can be in the form of advice, future forecasts, warnings, etc. This is a very powerful tool if you are looking for some clarification regarding a specific situation or person. It is also really useful if you feel stuck and need a little guidance with your healing.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams contain messages from the divine and often times it may be hard to decipher exactly what that message is. For this service, I break down your dream looking at the various symbols and intuitively feeling the message that your higher self and/or spirit guides is trying to relay to you. This is an incredibly powerful tool in understanding any blockages withing your life and where the next steps of your spiritual evolution lie.