Weekly Energy Reading 1/22-1/28

Weekly Energy Reading 1/22-1/28

The moon starts the week off in Aries, lighting a fire inside of us! This will be a great time to socialize, start projects and discuss ideas. On Wednesday, the moon moves into grounding Taurus, giving us an amazing energy to implement those plans. These few days can be a great time to edit, analyze and solidify our goals. However, be careful not to be too rigid in your planning. Collaboration rules the nation. Taurus also provides us with a feeling of sensuality and an appreciation for the pleasurable things in life, so take some time out of your day for a little self care.

The sun entered Aquarius this past weekend, giving us the energy to reinvent ourselves and pursue our great (even if unconventional) ideas! Aquarius season can provide us with a more idea-oriented frame of mind and the confidence to think outside of the box. Plus, with the moon in Gemini over the weekend, we get double the mental power. Humanitarian efforts are also emphasized during Aqua-season, so be ready to volunteer or simply offer a helping hand to your fellow man.

Venus is currently in Aquarius as well, so it may be time to spruce up your dates nights. The love planet in this sign gives us an urge for the unconventional and odd. Some kinky nights may be in your future! You may find yourself drawn to a different type of individual then you thought you’d be into. Don’t be afraid to date outside of your comfort zone. Aquarius also desires freedom, so you may feel the urge to take a break from your significant other or your dating life altogether. Just be sure to make it clear with your loved ones that it’s nothing personal.

In a rare occurrence, all the planets are moving direct right now (meaning not one is in retrograde). This provides us with intense manifesting powers! It’s time to visualize the life you want, and make it happen. Things should flow a lot smoother for us when all planets are direct, as our desires can become a reality much quicker. That being said, watch your thoughts and intentions. The key to using this forward moving energy is staying present in the moment and trusting in the universe’s plan for you. Focus on your goals and have confidence in your ability to achieve them.

Friday Mars moves from intense Scorpio to free flying Sagittarius. Mars, the planets of action and desire, was rather introverted in Scorpio. After a period of deep-diving, we get a more enthusiastic and optimistic energy for life. This is a great time for traveling and learning. With Mars in Sagittarius, our focus shifts to action, action, action! However, be careful that you don’t overdo it, as Sagittarius energy is known for its recklessness and aggression. Watch those tempers. You may also feel rather constricted in certain aspects of your life at this time and desire to find more freedom in those areas. Mars stays here until March 17th so for the next month and a half the motto is carpe diem!


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